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8 ways to manage anxiety around current world affairs

If you're currently feeling...

Scared, anxious, uneasy, unsettled or worried right now, I want to remind you that it's okay. It's okay to have those feelings, especially right now in a world that feels unsafe.

With all the recent news and headlines, whether you've seen it on TV, in newspapers, magazines, on social media or through conversation I feel you and I see you.

it's hard to escape, no matter how hard you try.

But if you're currently finding yourself obsessing over and ruminating about all the negative things that 'could' happen, if you feel like you can't pull yourself away from it then it's time to do something about it, before it starts to control you.

This post is designed to help you manage those feelings of uneasiness that you might be feeling right now:

  1. Breathe I'm sure you've seen this plenty of times before 'just breathe' - but it is really beneficial when you give yourself a chance. In the past there have been times when I've found it to be more detrimental, it made me panic more, but I wasn't giving it a real chance, I was creating that panic in my own mind. I also wasn't sure how to do it 'properly' The easiest and most effective way is box breathing, and by this I mean getting yourself into a comfortable position with your back supported. - Then inhaling in through the nose for a count of 4 - Holding for a count of 4 - Then releasing (exhaling out) for a count of 4 - Holding for 4 - Breathing in through the nose for 4 - Holding for 4 and so on...

Keep repeating this until you begin to feel calmer and more relaxed. It also helps to put on some soothing music or meditation sounds to help you through it and prevent you from panicking.

Other things include...

  1. Mindfulness What do I mean by this? Becoming aware of the present moment, especially your senses. What can you hear, smell, touch, see and taste? Can you list 3 of each in your immediate surrounding? And if the surrounding of where you are doesn't feel good, move and find somewhere that does. For example; if you wash the dishes, instead of letting your mind wander keep bringing it back to washing the dishes, feeling the warm temperature of the water, the soap bubbles, the iridescent colours in them, the feel and texture of the sponge, does the washing up liquid have a nice scent?

  2. Get outside/connect with nature Mindfulness can also come into play here too, by doing the above exercise outdoors. But ultimately getting outdoors itself is a great way to ground ourselves, to feel and breathe in fresh air. Don't let the weather put you off, just dress accordingly ☺️ (you might even have fun!)

  3. limit your time on social media, unfollow any unhelpful accounts As well as this, it's important to know that if you are reading any information online, don't always believe everything you see or read, because a lot of it isn't true. Get your information (if necessary) from reliable sources. Create a time limit for social media and stick to it, otherwise you'll be sucked into doom scrolling and come across things you likely don't want to see.

  4. keep a journal of your mood/feelings There's a lot of evidence in writing things out on paper, physically rather than digitally, it's a way of your mind purging what no longer feels good, helpful or relevant. This exercise is great to do right before bed, allowing for a much more peaceful sleep, but if you feel called to get things off your chest at any time of day then do it!

  5. write out a 'joy' list In connection to the one above, I like to keep a joy list, this is a list you can refer to when things are feeling uneasy, causing anxiety or any feelings that don't feel good. Write out a list of everything that brings you joy and keep it somewhere you can refer to easily when needed. For example: Going for a walk Reading Listening to music/podcasts Watching your favourite show Talking to a friend etc..

  6. develop a routine Developing a routine can be helpful as it's a way of keeping us occupied, but also knowing what's coming next, preventing ruminating or anxious thoughts. So there's no need to fear being short of things to do (just make sure rest is included in this)

  7. Get enough sleep Lack of sleep is one that I think everyone needs to pay more attention to, in a world where rest is seen as a weakness or lazy. It's not, it's absolutely vital for your overall well-being but also survival. With lack of sleep your emotions are heightened, you're more alert or on edge of what's going on around you, or at least more agitated and moody (= negative mindset) so listening to the news in this state only increases the mood you're already in.

  8. Talk to others This one might seem obvious, but honestly, talk to someone. It's one of the easiest and free things we can do, and most of the time, the other person can relate, which helps us feel less alien. It's good to talk to people about how you feel, getting it out verbally can do wonders for your internal system and wellbeing.

There are many more, but I hope you find some of the above if not all to be helpful to you right now. I would love to know what you think in the comments below, or you can always send me an email directly, which of course is more private. I always aim to respond to each email that comes through 😊 If you're looking for any sort of support right now, or are just embarking on your personal development journey, get in touch or book in a free discovery call with me using the link below


I hope wherever you are in the world you are safe.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones

Sending all my love,



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