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Laura Sylv

About me and what I do

Hey! I'm Laura, a Self-Love & Empowerment Coach for women. I also write a monthly well-being column for Lancashire Life Magazine & hold in person women's circles.


My mission is to help guide women back home to themselves, beneath the layers that have been accumulated through life that no longer serve you. I use a holistic approach, focusing on all aspects of you and your life. I empower women step back into their power & reclaim their joy, to help them gain clarity and confidence for the most fulfilling, vibrant future!


I'm a true empath with a big heart. I create a safe, sacred space where you feel seen, heard, loved, supported and listened to without judgement.


I've been on my own healing journey after spending years at war with myself, so I have first hand experience of how to overcome life's challenges, through self-awareness & compassion. I help women become the best version of themselves so they can fearlessly live life on their own terms.


Today I consider myself to be an empowered, deeply intuitive woman, continuing to build a life that feels spacious and free. My mission is helping you to reclaim yourself, your life and your happiness.

My story

My journey from self-loathing to becoming an empowered woman at peace with herself


It all started at the age of 18, when I was diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa. My world changed so quickly, from a once energetic, care free girl, to feeling lost, scared, numb, lonely & depressed.

This is when I experienced my first spiritual awakening after a near death experience which led me to speak up and finally ask for help. One thing I did know, was that I didn't want to die, and so my healing journey began...

It of course, like anything in life has been far from linear. If I was to tell the entire story here, I’d be close to writing a book (which one day, I will) so I aim to keep it as brief as possible, whilst giving you a real, honest picture of my story.

After my diagnosis in 2009, I had my first long term inpatient hospital admission, which I wasn’t prepared for. It was completely demoralising and the treatment completely disgusting. In some ways I believe that admission made things worse for me mentally due to the environment, lack of care, support and understanding.

After I was discharged, I was left on my own without support, currently about to start university. This was when I first began experiencing anxiety and panic attacks (which I didn't realise at the time) it was more difficult to ask for help this time, due to the lack of help I previously got.

I ‘coped’ as well as I could but I felt alone in this battle, people around me didn’t really understand. I was cold, miserable and really unsure of who I was. My life felt pointless and I felt completely worthless and lost.

They say uni years are the best years of your life, but mine definitely weren’t. I felt isolated and alone, I just wanted to fit in and be 'normal' but I couldn't. I had to deliberately distance myself from others on my course as I didn’t know how else to manage. It was all too much, too overwhelming and my anxiety was eating me alive.

I managed to graduate after 5 long years and several more unfortunate hospital admissions in-between, it was far from easy, but I can proudly say, eventually I did graduate.

Many years of my life have been taken away due to one of the most severe mental health illnesses, with the highest mortality rate amongst them all, Anorexia. Despite my setbacks, I have never given up my fight, I have remained strong, I knew I had more to give and much more to see in life. I had a purpose and a calling...

It was in my last hospital admission I was ready to give up, I'd fought so hard for a decade, I was at breaking point and wanted to give up, I no longer wanted to be here..

But after I slept and realised the 'professionals' didn't really seem to care either, something switched in my brain. I'd fought for so long, I was not about to give in now and so, I did everything I could to get myself into the best place I could. After all, no one could do it for me.

I began to read lots of self-help and personal development books, I decluttered my space, my environment & my mind as well as removing everything that no longer served me, whether that was social media accounts, news, email subscriptions, apps, people, you name it, I ditched it. All so that I could start living in a way that felt wholesome and nourishing, allowing me to grow and expand as a person, in a way that felt fully aligned with the woman I wanted to become.


I began to rediscover myself through practices like yoga, meditation, journaling, I worked with coaches, and therapists. I was fully committed to changing my life for the better and this is exactly why I do what I do, helping other women live the life they desire, because no one should be left feeling stuck or unhappy; whether that's your mindset, your body, a job or relationship, it's time to change, take action and live life on YOUR terms, in a way that feels amazing! And I KNOW it's possible.


We only get one life and it’s my mission to help other women live it in a way that feels fulfilling and joyful, not by the means of society or other people.


You might be thinking, "I want to feel empowered, confident and fulfilled"

And you can, you're in the right place. I would love to help guide you on your journey back home to yourself. I have already changed the lives of so many women that I have had the pleasure of working with and now it's your turn.

Book in your free discovery call so we can have a chat on how to make this your reality 



 Ready to take that step now? Then fill out the application form at the bottom of this page.

You can also contact me directly on my Instagram or email


I cannot wait to guide you on your journey to confidence, freedom and self-love.


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