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The empowered woman

1:1 VIp transformational programme

The 12 week programme that's going to take you from feeling lost, stuck, critical of yourself to confident af, loving & accepting of yourself, at peace and excited about your future


You are done with not believing in yourself or believing you're good enough. You're done with constantly seeking validation from others and making choices based on other people's opinions and happiness.

It’s time to leave self doubt, limiting beliefs, second guessing yourself and uncertainty behind and start living a life of joy, happiness, self acceptance, confidence, power and goddess energy!

Are you ready beautiful goddess? 👑

Enter this 12 week journey of deep transformation


The Empowered Woman is an incredibly life changingpowerful, 3-month programme, that I have created from my heart after years of feeling lost, less than, not good enough, living on autopilot, berating myself and feeling unfulfilled...


I’ve consciously and purposely built this program to help you break free of limitations, fears, blocks, barriers, limiting beliefs and anything standing in your way, or holding you back from living your best life and feeling confident in your own skin.

All the steps inside this programme are the exact steps I took on my healing journey to become the woman I am today.


I’m here to help and guide you to flourish and thrive. To help you create a life you love from the inside out. I help you through a range of modalities I specialise in, such as, holistic coaching, guided meditations tailored to your needs, hypnotherapy, timeline therapy, inner-child healing, journaling and so much more (we decide what is going to be best suited based on your individual needs)


You will receive compassionate guidance and 12 weeks of high level support from me throughout your transformational journey. With complete focus on you and your life. By asking thought provoking questions, looking at your personal emotional needs and anything that has been suppressed, we will identify the root cause. We'll take a look at any bad habits that might have developed over time, including limiting beliefs that are no longer yours to carry, it's time to release the load.

We will work together to unveil these, challenge them and together, create new empowering beliefs, positive habits, uncover your core values, set healthy boundaries, learn to love and accept all parts of yourself without condition.


My mission is to help you fall back in love with yourself just as you are.


I specialise in using a holistic approach, to give you the perfect balance in life. Mind, body and soul. Working on all 3 elements will help us to achieve the best possible outcome for you and your future.

You will gain clarity, self awareness and insights you need in order to create long lasting change within yourself and your life for good!

Together we will:


  • Explore self love and establish what it means to you


  • Gain clarity on thought patterns and behaviours that are holding you back from being the powerful, confident woman you are and take compassionate action to improve them


  • Define your goals and visions for where you want to go in life, designed in a way to push and inspire you to your next level, while being kind to yourself - the ultimate gift is joy, happiness, inner peace & freedom


  • Create new ways to express yourself and your role in the world, to make change and impact, both in your professional and personal life, to get the results you desire for an exciting, fulfilling future


  • Be seen and heard in ways you possibly never have before, by being able to let your guard down and fully show up as yourself. You'll learn how to embody who you want to be, not who you think you should be

  • Enhance the relationship you have with yourself, being able to love, accept and believe in yourself. Creating a life that feels beautifully balanced so mind, body and soul are always in alignment


  • Create new routines that feel good to YOU, every day of the week giving you long-lasting, positive change

This program is for you if:


  • Somewhere deep down you know that you are not living your best life and you know you have so much more inside of you that’s just waiting to come alive. You just need guidance, support, compassionate accountability and a bit of a push getting there.


  • You want to deepen and strengthen the relationship you have with yourself, to fully accept who you are without fear of judgement, or negative opinion of others.


  • You want to be okay with putting yourself first rather than catering to everyone else’s needs and neglecting yourself in the process.


  • You’re tired of overthinking and doubting yourself take make decisions or take action, you want to establish more self trust and to stop seeking external validation.


  • You are ready to dive deep and unveil who you really are, what you want, what you don’t want and release everything that’s holding you back or doesn’t serve you, for good! 


  • You are ready to take action into achieving your dream life and having a loving relationship with yourself, ditching that inner critic for good.


  • You’re at a point in life where you know something needs to change, you’re not living in alignment with who you really are, you’re ready to step out of your comfort zone and make big shifts! You're ready to make these changes and feel totally at peace with who you are.


You find yourself scrolling through social media comparing yourself and your life to others, thinking “what is their secret?!”


This leaves you feeling powerless, not good enough, not worthy enough, not pretty enough, “I will never be successful” but, I have good news, NONE of this is true!


You ARE enough, it’s all within you. Together we’re going to unveil your goddess self, gain confidence, reclaim your power, find joy, learn to love yourself and to live life on your terms, fully embracing your uniqueness


HOWEVER, you are ready to be a confident goddess if:


  • You know you need to make changes in life but don’t know where to start

  • Dream big but don’t fully believe it can happen for you

  • You’re willing to do what it takes to prioritise yourself and your needs 

  • You need guidance navigating through these life transitions and powerful transformations

  • You are ready to level up and take action in order to create a life you love

  • You are ready to bridge the gap from where you are now, to where you want to be

  • Are done comparing yourself and feeling like a failure

  • You are done people pleasing

  • You are done apologising for just being you

  • You want to start living life on your terms

  • You are sick of trying to meet society’s expectations

  • You are committed and willing to do the inner work needed to transform your mindset on your journey to self love and self acceptance 


Investing in your own growth and personal development is an act of self love towards yourself and others.


My heart-led mission is to help you break free of limiting beliefs and limitations, guiding you back to your true self and authentic power, where you make soulful, heart-led choices fuelled by love, self confidence, self belief and trust. Living from a place of compassion, instead of fear.

It's time to take the journey back home to yourself! 🩷

It’s time for you to rise and be unapologetically you!

Coaching is an exciting and life changing investment in yourself, your visions, your goals and your future. Helping shape better relationships with yourself and those around you, for the most fulfilling, joyful and positive future.



Time to get clear on where you’re at now and where you want to be and to say “see ya” to those limiting beliefs and anything holding you back from living your best life and being who YOU want to be.

In this first month we will laser focus in on what’s currently holding you back in life and together rewire your mindset in a positive, empowering and fulfilling way, to help you move forward with love and confidence.



Module 1:

Gaining clarity on where you are right now and where you want to be

Module 2:
Unveiling limiting beliefs and current blocks stopping you from being the best version of you.

Module 3:

Silence that inner critic and learn the art of re-framing. We will also take a look at what doesn't feel good in your body and in your life right now

Module 4:

Clearing your space, internally and externally. Decluttering anything that no longer serves you, making room for newness.



It's time to look at what you're done tolerating and putting up with, it's time to establish your boundaries and be able to communicate them with confidence.


Together we will identify your core values, the things most important in your life and how to live in alignment with them.


We will explore your current and future visions using visualisation, meditation and hypnosis to access your subconscious mind (where your real visions are stored)


Module 5:

Connecting with your inner child to reparent, nurture and protect to move forward with self-compassion and confidence 


Module 6:

Ditch people pleasing tendencies and begin to set healthy boundaries and learn how to communicate them effectively without the guilt

Module 7:

Identify your core values and the things most important to you right now

Module 8:

Take a look at your current and future goals and use a blend of techniques in order to harness and cultivate them



It's time to step into your power and raise your vibration. It's time to be YOU, in all your youness, no judgement, just full acceptance.


By now, you will have gained so much self-awareness and understand yourself at a much deeper level. You will be practicing putting yourself first without guilt.


Making aligned decisions with confidence and ease from a place of love. 


Module 9:

Discovering what self-confidence and self-love means to you and how to embody it


Module 10:

Focusing in on you and who YOU want to be in the world - connecting to your higher-self

Module 11:

Reflecting on your journey, tying up any loose ends - strengthening everything you've learnt and owning it!

Module 12:

Celebrating all of you, planning for the months ahead and getting excited about spreading your wings feeling free, excited, happy and finally at peace!

The most important relationship you will ever have, is the one you have with yourself.


Self-love is the true path to growth, both in your personal life and external world. As you peel back the layers of fear, limitations, doubt, worry, lack and struggle, you will be able to fully step into your power and begin to create a vibrant life you love.



It's time to fall back in love with yourself and your life!

What this will look like for you:

  •  12 x 1:1 - 60 minute online coaching sessions 

  •  12 weeks of high level support and guidance from me throughout your transformational journey 

  •  Guided meditations, transformational hypnotherapy and visualisations

  •  Powerful journaling prompts + weekly challenges 

  •  Sessions recorded, for lifetime access 

  •  Compassionate accountability from the get go

  •  A special blend of empowerment & confidence coaching, NLP techniques, advanced hypnosis, meditations and more



  • A FREE signed copy of my Self-Love Journal

  • 1 week of my support a week after our final session

  • Access to all of my meditation & hypnosis recordings FREE

  • 3 months FREE inside The Soul Circle Collective Membership

Your Empowered Investment:


  • Pay in full: £1,997


  • Payment plan: 3 x £666

Bespoke payment plans available on request


Please take some time to fill out the application form in as much detail as you can as this really helps me to understand where you're at and where you want to be and how we can bridge that gap together.

Your form will be kept confidential and comes directly to me and isn't shared with anyone else.



To arrange a free discovery call to ask any questions you may have, use the link HERE

You can also send me an email at

or send me a dm on Instagram, let's grab a coffee & chat! @laurasylv


I cannot wait to hear from you! 😍

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