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Kind words from the wonderful women I've had the pleasure to coach


"Thank you so so SO much for such a lovely free 60 minute 1:1 coaching session this afternoon. I absolutely loved this experience and felt completely at ease throughout the whole thing and it was exactly what I needed to help me on my own personal journey finding inner peace, confidence and acceptance of who I am as a person. I learnt so many valuable pieces of information throughout which I am going to be using towards helping me achieve some very important goals coming up in the next week. The session allowed me to open up and release some emotion which I feel I was holding on to without even realising. I really appreciated the specific guided visualisation aimed at confidence which was tailored to my current thoughts and feelings. I’ve come away feeling so much better and feeling very grateful for having somebody listen and care passionately about my thinking pattern and personal health issues. Thank you so much again for this opportunity I have loved it ❤️❤️❤️xxx"


“After being offered a complimentary empowerment session from Laura on Instagram, I was hugely grateful for the time she allowed for me. Within the sixty-minute session, Laura was kind, reassuring and allowed me to get in touch with my deep-rooted anxiety and fears. From taking me on a guided visualisation tackling the problem which I feel has been stopping me the most, Laura was so supportive and helpful in her approach. I cannot recommend Laura enough for her effortless talent as a coach. If you are looking for an empowerment coach in 2021, Laura is the person to approach!”

Hannah Louise

"I was lucky enough to be one of the winners for Laura’s 60 minute free 1:1 session and I am so so grateful for it. In such a short period of time Laura managed to make me question those limiting beliefs holding me back, remind me constantly to validate my emotions and supported me so much. In just one session I was given so many tools, some of which I had never even heard of or considered trying and since the session I feel so much lighter and like my emotions are completely valid but much less overwhelming now I know exactly what to do to cope with them whilst getting towards where I want to be. I am so grateful for the session and truly hope we are able to work together in the future" 🥰


"Laura was simply brilliant! From the beginning of my hour she made me feel really comfortable and I knew immediately that I would be able to be relaxed throughout the session. In all honesty I had no real idea what to expect from coaching, as I had only had very negative experiences with therapy in the past and didn’t fully know the differences between the two. But I can whole-heartedly say that the coaching Laura offered was so much more positive for me than anything I’d experienced in the past. It was casual, friendly and informal, but yet still effective - exactly how you’d want it to be. The highlight was the guided meditation we did together was honestly perfect. It’s easy enough to find guided meditations online, but when somebody takes your specific situation and everything that’s actually worrying you personally in that very moment and leads you through calm breathing and thoughts, it becomes all that more relevant. I came away feeling peaceful and calm, which is a delightful and satisfying feeling, not one that comes easily for me. Laura’s approach was sweet and welcoming and she invited me to rethink things and adopt new approaches in ways that I know that will be incredibly important in making positive changes in my life. I can tell already that Laura will be a friendly and uplifting guide, working alongside me in order to implement the changes my life needs. She was wonderful and I cannot recommend trying coaching out enough!"


"Hi Laura! Just wanted to say thank you so so much for our session this morning. Even from the short taster hour I could tell just how positive you could be in helping me make changes in my life and hopefully, as you say, be that confident person I envision. It’s rare that I’ve found somebody I feel I can talk to - after having tried lots of different therapists - but I think I’ve finally found that maybe coaching is the right choice for me! The meditation was AMAZING and I came away feeling at peace. You’re a star, thank you SO MUCH! 🥰❤️"


“Having experienced being a part of Laura’s wonderful circles twice now, I can certainly testify to the fact that, not only was it an incredible enjoyable experience, it was also an incredibly enriching one too. Laura made the environment within the small group feel incredibly comfortable, soothing and relaxing and opening up and sharing with one another and women you don’t really know can be an incredibly rewarding experience. The meditations that take part at the end of the session are just such a wonderful way to round things off and if you come into the session not feeling quite right with the world, you definitely leave the session feeling just that bit brighter. It can help to clarify thoughts, open up, heal old wounds, give you ideas of which direction to take yourself into and can give you the opportunity to approach new ideas with motivation and enthusiasm.I will no doubt be attending more of these wonderful sessions in future and I very much look forward to it.”


"The Galentines event was so fulfilling and heartwarming! I felt so safe, calm and welcome from the beginning to end. I loved that the session was interactive (journaling, sharing ideas & visualisation) The visualisation was amazing! I often struggle to shut off but the visualisation was fab and was exactly what I needed after the last few weeks! I absolutely loved the session and I can't wait until Laura holds more!! 💖💖💖"


Highly recommend Laura. I joined a self love / meditation session Laura was holding. After a really stressful week, I left the session feeling reassured and relaxed. Laura was made to coach. She has a soothing & calm voice, I felt really comfortable, safe and trusting in her presence."


"Really enjoyed my session with Laura, very relaxing and surprisingly emotional. She has a very soothing voice and is amazing at putting you at ease. I was nervous about the group setting but it was laid back and everyone was lovely and respectful."


"When I first started following Laura on IG a couple of months ago, I could see the potential she had to help me - her energy seemed so genuine. I'd been through quite a traumatic few months but I was new to the concept of coaching - I decided to jump into it, knowing that Laura would be able to add value to my life. And what a great decision that was! She's helped me immeasurably in just 3 sessions so far. She's guided me on how to find peace, how to love myself, how to gain confidence and how to live in line with my personal values. Laura is a truly kind soul - she listens and she advises. We have an amazing video session once a week but her support doesn't stop there! She's always on the other end of WhatsApp or IG if I need her. If you're feeling lost, down, lacking in peace, or simply like you want more from life, Laura's your girl! She's an absolute angel."

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