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Kind words from the wonderful women I've had the pleasure to coach

Client love


Working with Laura has saved me in so many ways.
I struggled to admit that anything was wrong for a long time but I now reflect on things that I said to Laura about myself and my feelings, during our first session, and I can hardly believe it was me. I needed help and support. I had lost myself and my purpose and I struggled for a long time not to see my life as a failure.
This has been completely turned around through Laura's coaching, listenin
g and incredible understanding of the psychology of our thoughts. I feel alive again; not just watching life from the sidelines full of anxiety and sadness: whole and happy. Laura has shown me how to find perspective and what is important to me is now back front and centre in my life. She has equipped me with techniques to use if symptoms of depression or anxiety rear their heads again and I am my own, confident me again. I will be eternally grateful. Her blend of approaches does so much more than traditional therapy or counselling. If you want to feel yourself glow again and ready to take on all that life throws at you, you should sign up straight away.

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