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Wintertime sadness?

Lana Del Rey might have sung about summertime sadness, but I'm currently feeling those wintertime blues.

Today I actually felt super cold for the first time, like properly. So far we've had a mild Autumn, but today hit different...

A couple of weeks ago I was out in Barcelona (where it was MUCH warmer!), up in the mountains, just outside of Sitges; as I embarked on the Advanced Hypnosis Retreat. It was absolutely incredible to say the least.

It was so expansive, insightful, mind-blowing, healing and transformational.

I learnt a lot for my own practices, to positively impact and benefit the women I work with, but at the same time it was also incredibly beneficial on a personal level too.

Being out in an environment like that is healing in itself. Away from the 'daily grind' - the busyness of everyday life, traffic, the city, crowded places, shit TV, the news etcccc

It was just pure bliss, so peaceful and freeing. I felt completely liberated and in my element and I am so grateful for the experience and the lessons I learnt, as well as being able to bond and connect with other like-minded soulful beings 🙏🏻

I'm sure you all know that feeling of going on holiday and completely just losing track of time because you're enjoying every single minute; but also the feeling of coming back home...

Those post holiday blues, back to reality.

Since being home I've felt really disconnected.

Disconnected from being online, social media, even my business; as I still haven't fully adjusted to 'home life' - living in a little world of my own, navigating each day gently - but at the same time procrastinating/avoiding? ...

I can't lie, I struggle this time of year with seasonal depression aka (SAD) and I feel I've recently been hit hard with it.

Feeling like I want to hibernate away from the world/people.

I hate noise, as in, online noise, media, marketing, selling etc (ie Black Friday) - where we receive tonnes of emails telling us we need xyz left, right and centre.

You can't escape it, it's everywhere and I feel this has impacted me heavily, with so much noise I've wanted to do the opposite, step back and hide away until it's over.

While I can dissociate for a while, I still have to keep going.

So how do I do this, especially with a business to run and beautiful clients to serve?

I do things my way, in a way that feels good to me. That feels supportive, nourishing and easy.

In a way that serves me, that feels fulfilling. I avoid burnout at all costs and ensure that my cup never runs empty.

I held a sister circle on Sunday, the last before Christmas which was truly beautiful and just what I needed. That soulful connection with women to just be ourselves, to be vulnerable, to be seen, heard, supported and loved in a beautiful safe space.

So if you too are feeling a little overwhelmed by how chaotic this time of year can be, be gentle with yourself, take things at your own pace, at a pace that feels right for you.

There's nothing to keep up with, we all have our own journey in life, so stay true to yours and make yourself proud, because your own health and happiness are what matters 💖🙏🏻

A little snap from the villa in Barcelona 🧡💛

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