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Tailored, bespoke 1:1 coaching


Are you done struggling with your mindset, loathing yourself, not feeling good or worthy enough? Are you done with constantly seeking validation from others and making choices based on other people's opinions and judgements?

I believe everyone is beautifully and individually unique, which is why...


I perfectly tailor each coaching session to fit your needs, goals and the outcome you desire from working together.


Maybe you're feeling lost and need a sense of direction and clarity, perhaps you have an inner critic constantly berating you. Maybe you're constantly comparing yourself to others, never feeling good enough.


With my compassionate guidance, we will work together to unveil what is important to you, work closely on uncovering your life values, removing any negative limiting beliefs, as well as removing blocks that are currently holding you back from finding your purpose in life and being the confident woman you want to be.


I can help you to step into a happier more fulfilling and meaningful future.

I'm ready to book my free discovery call

As well as the above, I work very closely on deepening the connection you have with yourself using a holistic approach. To be able to trust, believe and accept yourself for who you are. To have confidence in yourself, be unafraid of making big decisions, or taking leaps you currently might think are impossible.


To be able to do what you love and love who you are, without fear of judgement or opinions from others.

It's time to take back your power and step into confidence, reclaim your joy to live life on YOUR terms!

Each coaching session will take place online for 60-90 minutes.

Sessions can be booked per session or as a block depending on your needs, which we can work out together.

Payment plans available.


Sessions are customised to suit YOU 💖

✨1 x 45/60 min emotional detox hypnosis session - £99


✨1 x 90 min recorded BREAKTHROUGH coaching session + take home prompts & practices = £150

✨A block of 4 1:1 coaching sessions with 5 days a week support over 4 weeks - £444

1:1, 12 week transformation package 'The Empowered Woman' inc exclusive bonuses = £1,497 (sessions weekly) support 7 days a week

To arrange a session or for more info book your free discovery call



OR email me at

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