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Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2022

Today we come to a close on eating disorders awareness week, something I'm passionate about raising awareness for and something very close to my heart and something I will continue to talk about after this week.

If you're new here then you can read more about my story HERE and my history with an eating disorder.

I've been posting and raising more awareness this week over on my Instagram which you can find HERE if you like 😊

The theme or topic this year which BEAT are campaigning is about how GP's are given just 2 hours training on eating disorders, if at all; which I'm sure you can agree is truly shocking.

Anorexia specifically has the highest mortality rate of any mental health illness, yet is still poorly understood or taken seriously.

The entire system is underfunded, yet more and more people are being diagnosed daily, with less help.

The issue also lies in the help people do receive when worryingly, GP's have no (or very little) understanding on eating disorders, often sending patients away telling them to 'eat more'.

Another concern is the system going off a persons BMI, many with eating disorders may fall into the 'healthy' range of a BMI, so aren't classed as being at risk and therefore not eligible for treatment or therapy.

Most of the time, you're only taken seriously when your BMI reaches a truly shocking number for anyone to take action and give you the help you need, by which time, it can often be too late.

However, I must point out, you're only given physical treatment when reaching a low BMI and are now classed as being too unwell for therapy. Eating disorders are mental illnesses, therapy should be one of the first things offered to the patient.

You're either not sick enough, or too sick. Where does the line get drawn?

Eating disorders need to be caught as early as possible for the best chance of full recovery, yet this system sets you up to fail.

People often being told they're not 'sick enough' which further reinstates the eating disorder, which then causes the person to get worse, to a point unfathomable.

It has to end, action needs to be taken, proper and thorough training needs to be given. It needs to be taken seriously, the sufferers need to be heard and helped, not silenced and shut down because 'it's just a phase'.

3 friends of mine passed away in 2020 due to anorexia and neglect of treatment.

I've had my fair share of horrible experiences with GP's, psychiatrists, doctors, hospitals etc.

The treatment on the whole wasn't a pleasant experience to say the least. While I'm grateful to still be alive, a lot of that has come down to my own sheer determination to get better, I know some that have been in hospital up to 10 years, sorely relying on the medical staff, by which point, staff 'give up' on the person which is disgusting really.

We are human beings too and should be treat as such.

If you suffer from an eating disorder, know someone who does or perhaps think someone you know is suffering then do check out the BEAT website as their resources are fantastic.

You're also welcome to get in touch with me, just send me an email

I'm happy to answer any questions you may have

Take care, be well, stay safe

All my love,


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