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You need this!

On Wednesday the doors to my signature 4 week group programme The Empowered Woman officially opened! And I am SO excited!!

This course is like my baby, I am so precious and passionate about it because I know first hand how transformative it is 💖

In 2020 we all had a bit of a shock to the system, we spent more time with ourselves and our own thoughts and I'm sure like many people, it wasn't exactly always easy.

In that year I really went deep into my own personal development and healing journey, because what better time? I followed a similar framework to my programmes steps and honestly, it was one of the best things I've ever done for myself!

Making the decision wasn't easy, because I'd never spent that much money on myself for something that wasn't tangible.

Thoughts came to the surface like:

"Is it worth it?"

"Am I worth it?"

"You can't spend that much money on yourself for something you can't see"

And then I knew that I needed to do it more than ever, those thoughts were restrictive and limiting. My confidence had dropped and was lacking, I needed a serious pick me up, I wanted to gain back my confidence and my spark for life.

So I took the leap, I made the investment and you know what, it felt amazing to know that I was doing something that was going to be truly transformational to me as a human being, my life and my future.

The only person standing in my way was me. I went all in within the group programme and fully immersed myself in the entire experience to truly reap the benefits and that I did!

I finished the course feeling truly euphoric, like a new woman, and that's no exaggeration. The love, the support and the encouragement from the other girls in the group were amazing, doing something with others like that felt so incredibly special, it helps you feel less alone and also helps you get through it, the energy was magnetic.

The Empowered Woman has been thoughtfully created to combat all the above.

- To identify, overcome and rewrite those limiting beliefs

- To rediscover what truly lights you up

- To find love and compassion for yourself

- To be able to set and have healthy boundaries

- To be able to listen to your own opinion and judgement rather than everyone else's

- To identify your values and live in alignment with them

and lots more to truly get you to a place of empowerment and confidence within yourself and your life.

If you're ready to make some changes in your life and your mindset to truly feel amazing, free, abundant and confident then do not wait around, some times next time never arrives.

This course is for a small group of women who are truly ready to change their life for the better.

Book in a free clarity call with me to find out more and have a chat about how this can help you.

What are you waiting for queen? Make the call! It's free! 🔥🙌🏻

Sylv x

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