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Valentine's Day?

Do you celebrate it?

Do you buy into it?

Do you think it's cheesy?

Do you think it's a waste of money or just another day?

Either way, none of those are right or wrong.

But what is it?

I'm not gonna sit here and pretend like I know a lot about Valentines day, but i wanted to address it because i think it's quite sad when we do still celebrate it, but have no idea of its origin.

Kudo's to my high school, we did learn about it in an assembly, although I remember none of it apart from a guy called Saint Valentine.

The room of course was filled with pubescent teenagers, with lots of whispering and eye's on each other as we smirked our way through the assembly.

Anyway, whether you celebrate it or not, the fact that one day is devoted to the love of another is also quite sad. Love should be celebrated and shared every single day. Maybe not to the extent of lavish gifts, flowers and chocolates, but just a simple "I love you" to the person that is your world. Whether this is a romantic partner, your child, a parent or your pet.

When we express love, it fills the air with abundant and positive energy, which fills up those around you.

I can't say I've ever done that much on V day, other than the odd date, box of chocolates or a surprise bouquet of flowers (thank you)

Though as I've got older, when you start to realise the significance of the lives of those you love, it makes you appreciate the free things in life so much more.

Throw the pandemic into the mix and we were all hit in the face with the things that are actually important to us. Our friends, our family, our health and what comes with all of that? LOVE.