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Real Talk

Let's get real over here.

I'm bored with masked positivity other wise known as toxic positivity. It's not helpful for anyone because it's not real and it's not real life.

While of course being positive is amazing and when we're vibin' high, this radiates through others and creates a ripple effect, which is magical! ✨ I'm COMPLETELY here for that.

But not to the extent that people should suffer in silence because they're scared they might bring the vibe down, lower the frequency. Whilst I respect we shouldn't just burden other people with our issues, it's good to have a few people that you know you can go to about anything, or at least get the permission to open and share.

Like normalise asking for help, normalise asking if you can talk openly to someone that might get it, they might say no, and that's okay, but knowing you can ask also helps. There might be someone else willing to listen to you.

If not there's always online groups, chatrooms, helplines etc that are always accessible.

Okay so I went off on a bit of a tangent there, stay with me. I've got a lot on my mind at the moment, and the reason being I've felt unable to talk about how I really am, because, as an empowerment coach, surely I should be feeling empowered and have my shit completely together right?

Thing is, I'm human too, I sometimes have bad days, shit thoughts, find it hard to navigate through the day/week. Life can be a bitch, it's not always sunshine and rainbows, I fear saying these things at times because I worry I'll turn people away.

But do you know what, there is beauty in being vulnerable, because I want to help and inspire other people to be completely themselves to do the same, to offer a safe space where judgement does not exist. You don't have to pretend around here, not with me.

If we get on a call and you ball your eyes out, I'm here for you. If we get on a call and you're absolutely high vibing, completely buzzing about the changes you've been making recently, i'm here for you. And if you are anywhere in-between, i'm here for you. I'm here for it ALL.

I give you FULL permission to be yourself at ALL times.