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Not me in a magazine!?

Actually, yes! If you're from up north in England, specially the north west, then you may have heard of a magazine, Lancashire Life.

I have recently just had the pleasure of featuring in the June edition of the magazine, in a special article about my story and how I have turned my life around, the journey, as well as why I do what I do today in helping empower other women to be themselves and live life in a way that feels amazing and fulfilling to them.

You can find this magazine in supermarkets (I bought mine in Marks & Spencer) as well as places like train stations if you're in the north west and fancy reading my article. The magazine was first published in 1947, so it is definitely well established. I am genuinely very proud.

An even bigger announcement is that as of next month I am actually going to be a writer for the magazine and have my very own column! Anyone that knows me, knows that I love to write, so this is an absolute dream come true!

I will be writing about all things wellbeing, mental health etc.

I have already written the column for July which is definitely a must read, I won't share too much now until it's published, but it's a helpful and insightful one.

You can actually subscribe to the magazine digitally which is very cost friendly using the link below, if you'd like to read my column each month 😊

If you decide to buy it and give it a read, I would love to know what you think! 😊

I am also taking on just a couple of clients for some 1:1 work, so if you're feeling called, get in touch or book in a free 15 minute non evasive discovery call

I hope you've had the best weekend, sending you love and positive vibes

Sylv x

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