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New Moon Energy

New year, New moon 🌚

Happy January and Happy New Year 🥂

I consider myself to be quite a spiritual gal, it was a few spiritual awakenings of my own that led me down this path and I've never looked back, diving deep within my soul and really unveiling who I'm supposed to be beneath what society and influence conditioned me with.

I love all things astrology, cosmic energy, vibrational frequency, universal intelligence, our higher-self, lunar cycles (I could go on..)

The start of this new year see's a new moon in Capricorn, this sign is ambitious and hard working and it's setting the vibes for the start of 2022, it may even inspire you to try new things. It's all about setting intentions and taking action steps towards those goals (or New Years resolutions) how ever big or small.

So get out your journal, sit by your window under the new moon, light a candle and get cosy...

Capricorn gives us patience, persistence and discipline to reach those goals, all with compassion; so right now is the perfect time to:

- Set goals

- Create vision boards

- Plan ahead and create an action plan

- Get creative with structure to accomplish your desires

Focus in on what you really want to see, bring in, achieve or accomplish for 2022, then think about one tiny action step you can take towards that goal. You could dream big, or you could keep it smaller, more attainable and realistic to achieve sooner, it's up to you. Nothing is wrong or right and that's the beauty of intention setting.

This is a really important time to look deeply at what security means for you, especially as the new moon joins Venus retrograde. It's a good time to re-evaluate your priorities for the year ahead.

Under this new moon, both the sun and the moon will be forming a trine with Uranus, the planet of freedom and change. Out with the old and in with the new. This is the time to really shed what no longer serves you from 2021 so you can let go for good.

Sit down, open your heart to your dreams and desires, close your eyes, feel into your body and allow things to come to your mind without force. Write it down, manifest, and get to work!

What will this new moon and new year bring for you?

Sending love and light,

Sylv x

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