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Diet Culture

So, we're one week into the year, I don't know about you, but it feels like a lot longer than that.

As a highly sensitive person, I've felt quite overwhelmed by many things.

By highly sensitive person (HSP) I mean as someone that feels things deeply, that senses smells and hears things that other's wouldn't notice. Lights may feel brighter, we tend to be people that can read a room and feel the energy within seconds, you may feel on edge for no reason.

Overwhelmed with all the newness and new information a new year brings, peoples intentions, New Years resolutions etc not to mention Easter chocolates being out in shops already... 🙄

And as January always goes, things like diet trends and fads such as:

- Clean eating

- Intermitent fasting

- Restrictive eating (calorie intake)

- Keto

- Paleo

- Dry January


As well as excessive exercise and fitness routines, that are rammed down our throat in magazines, social media, TikTok, morning TV, chat shows, even the news. I mean, I personally tend to avoid most of that, but it still seems inescapable.

As someone living with an eating disorder, it makes it twice as difficult, especially in January, but what worries me more is those that don't have an eating disorder, especially young girls because this is where they can begin. Beginning with a harmless 'diet' or new fitness regime, which yes, we need to remain fit and healthy, all within moderation of course, but we're given all these new diets and fitness routines to undertake without the education around how to do it safely, there's nothing around mindset and how to tackle the mentality. It's damaging to peoples mental health, which is never considered until it's too late.

Like this article shown above from The Sun, makes me sick. Even the use of the word hack suggests it's a cheat way of getting the desired result. Losing a stone in a month isn't healthy nor sustainable, or perhaps it's manageable, but what happens after that month? It's either hard to maintain or the weight goes back on. It's damaging information to be promoting. Then again, this is The Sun..

Three friends of mine passed away in the first wave of the pandemic due to anorexia and as statistics show, the developing of eating disorders since Covid started has increased dramatically, yet the support has decreased. More and more people struggling, with less help.

When all that's really happening on TV, or social media etc is that we're being sold to, most behind the marketing campaigns probably don't think twice about who's buying, the main thing is that they're buying, because money and profits right?

Think gym gear, protein bars/shakes, juice cleanses, fitness equipment, a 30 day fitness subscription etc - unless you have a healthy mindset around this to start with it can very quickly become addictive and spiral out of control for many.

Then we get images like this that are almost suggesting to binge eat all the junk foods you have, so diet can start Monday, which is a never ending cycle that gets people nowhere.

ps, Mary Kate and Ashley are like my favourite people ever.

We already see images plastered all over social media that isn't a true representation of real life (though we are becoming more awake to this) it's still happening and doesn't seem to be budging.

Today I came across this article in The Guardian that hit home, read it HERE

It's about women restricting their intake and losing their periods as a result, which usually happens within anorexia when peoples body weight plummets, but actually, it can happen way before that point. You could be a healthy weight and lose your period because of restrictive eating, basically starving the body of essential nutrients and fuel.

The reason it's so close to my heart is because I lost my period 13 years ago and I never got it back.

So my message is, when it comes to diets and exercise, make sure you know what you're doing, make sure it's coming from a healthy place to begin with, educate yourself first. Really ask whether you NEED to get up for the gym 7 days a week at 6am, or whether that's what you *think* you should be doing. Everybody's body is different and requires different.

Take care of yourself

Prioritise yourself

Keep checking in with yourself mentally and physically

Love yourself, unconditionally

Ps, if you're wanting to up your confidence game, get to know yourself at a deeper level, connect with like-minded women, get support and accountability on starting this year off on a high and working on your mindset to live freely and fulfilled, my doors to The Empowered Woman 4 week group programme are now open.

We start 19th January and I cannot wait to hold space for you women really wanting to take back your power.

You can find out more info HERE

Sending you all the love,

Sylv x

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