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It's been a WHILE!

April was much busier than I first anticipated, but amazing.

Firstly, it was my birthday, I like to consider the entire month as my birthday (I'm sure I'm not alone on that) ☺️ we also had Easter and I went to Ibiza!

After an incredibly slow start to the year, which felt quite miserable, deflating and mundane, things have started to finally pick up and I feel excited.

Whilst this blog is generally informative, I also think it's important to share aspects of my life and what's going on as I am the person behind what I do and as another human, it's great for you guys to get to know me on a more personal level. It allows you to relate to things that are potentially happening in your life, it makes the connection I have with. you much more real and to me, that's important, because I care and value you.

I was very unsure about my plans for April, as they kept changing, but I like to be spontaneous, whilst the unknown and last minute changes can be daunting or uncomfortable, being able to move through those feelings is actually incredibly rewarding.

Staying in the same place can become numb and nobody wants that.

On the other side of fear is freedom and liberation, both are big values of mine. I hate to feel tied down to something, it's suffocating.

It's why being single for me works, unless you're just as spontaneous, love to travel and like your freedom. I'm not saying I'm a closed book, I like to keep my door jar for new things, new experiences and opportunities.

Easter is one of my favourite times of year. It always feels like a fresh start, because everything is fresh, flowers start to blossom, lambs, chicks and other animals begin to be born, we dust off the cobwebs from winter.

Everything feels revitalised, it has a new sense of life and I believe we as humans also have new energy about us as the days begin to get warmer and lighter.

I had a lovely, low key birthday, just the way I like it. I had a birthday brunch/picnic on the park with my family and my chihuahua, Honey, which was super cute 🥰💗