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I now write a monthly well-being column in Lancashire Life magazine after a very raw and honest feature in the June 2022 edition.


'Preston empowerment coach is creating space for women'.

Laura Sylv Empowerment and Self-Love Coach

My journey from mental health to empowerment coach


Podcast interview 2022

Podcast chats with Carly all on self-love. Listen on Apple Music or Spotify


The 10 Empowerment Coaches to Watch in 2021

Top 10 life coaches

Interview with Katie Oman on her Podcast 'The Rise' talking about failure and how to deal with it with self-love

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My chat on Spill It with Marcus on my battle with anorexia after the harrowing news of Nikki Grahame 

YouTube chat on anorexia recovery

A real talk chat about authenticity in self and business and how to achieve it.

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