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The Soul Circle Collective

The membership

Welcome my love, I'm so happy you're here

This is just the beginning of the beautiful, immersive journey you're about to embark on inside ...

🌟The Soul Circle Collective🌟


A safe, scared space for you to land each month with a beautiful, supportive group of women, to be held in a beautiful 2 hour ceremony.


A sacred space to help you gain:


Self-awareness and clarity about yourself and your life, more about who you are, what you want and who you're becoming 🩷


To help you let go of the things that are no longer serving you, so you can move forwards with ease, flow and optimism.

As we reflect, journal and meditate together - to make long lasting, positive changes from the inside out.


Your divine investment:

£33 per month (3 month minimum commitment) which is just £99 for 3 months saving £51

OR £99 Pay In Full for 3 months

OR £50 per month (cancel anytime)

soul circle email .png

By signing up for £33, you are opting in and committing to 3 months inside the Soul Circle Collective. 

Payments will be issued monthly - if you decide to leave the membership before 3 months have passed, you will still be issued payment until 3 payments have been complete.

After 3 months you can continue paying £33 per month (for another 3 month commitment) 

OR opt to pay monthly (no commitment) at £50 per month

You also have the option to pay for 3 months in full for £99 which will be issued every 3 months.

Here's what other women say about my circles

Having heard of Laura’s beautiful offerings through a friend, I attended her September Women’s Circle. From the moment I arrived, even before stepping into the building, I felt warmly welcomed, accepted and safe. Laura invited me into the space where she had created a beautiful circle, mandala and atmosphere in which to land. Laura ensured everyone was comfortable and had everything they needed. Laura opened the circle and I was moved by how beautifully she held the space for each and every woman there; Laura was fully present and curious - her contributions were genuine, insightful and from her heart. Laura enabled every woman there to share thoughts, feelings, stories, hopes, fears, dreams… everything in between. It was a gentle and powerful experience - I left feeling fully nourished. I have already booked in for October’s circle and am so grateful to have been welcomed into Laura’s wonderful and ever-growing tribe.


Who is The Soul Circle Collective for?

For women who want to:

  • Prioritise their wellbeing

  • Develop a deeper relationship with self

  • Have a safe space to be themselves without judgement

  • Gain confidence

  • Boost their self-esteem

  • Gain self-awareness

  • Improve their relationships 

  • Put themselves first

  • Learn how to love and accept themselves

  • Set healthy boundaries 

  • Learn to say no without guilt

And so much more!

A gorgeous testimonial

A Heartfelt Session of Healing and Connection 💖


I had the privilege of attending a session led by Laura at the Ladies Circle, and I can't emphasize enough how deeply enriching and healing the experience was. It was a journey that made me both laugh and cry, creating a space where I felt safe to bare my soul and share my most intimate thoughts.


Laura, along with all the incredible women present, listened with such love and compassion, making it easy for me to express myself fully. The session allowed me to be heard and seen in a way that left me feeling content and truly happy with myself.


The beauty of connecting with these incredible ladies was an experience that filled my heart. Their warmth and compassionate energies created an environment of understanding and empathy that was magical.


I wholeheartedly recommend this session to anyone searching for a place where they can be heard, embraced, and find healing. It's a haven for opening up, connecting with others, and discovering the power of shared compassion and understanding. Thank you, Laura and the Ladies Circle, for an unforgettable and transformative experience. 💫💕


What's included?

  • 1 circle per month (2 hours)

  • Live meditations 

  • A private group for support and connection 

  • A group of like-minded women (& life long friends) 🩷

  • Group hypnosis 

  • Journaling + prompts

  • Potential guest experts

  • 1 x 30 min Q&A session (optional)

Use the options below to claim your spot! 

The first 5 women to sign up receive a FREE 1:1 hypnosis session with me - 2 have already been claimed


I have tried to make this as simple and accessible as possible, because I know how beautifully powerful and transformational these spaces are.

This will be the most incredible membership you will ever invest in - being inside the soul circle also means you get access to 1:1 coaching sessions with me at a discounted rate.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask away -

Or send me a message on Instagram


Sending you so much love


Laura xxx

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